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TravelSurvey is an app that is used to collect Household Travel Survey data. These instructions will give you a guide how to use this app. The "Profile" tab is used to collect household information. Swiping to the right of the screen in the "Profile" tab will reveal three categories of data that must be completed. After submitting your answers to all the profile questions, you must submit your responses to the web server by pressing the "Submit" button. The "Route" tab allows you to record a new trip using the iPhone's built-in GPS. Tapping "Start Trip" will allow the app to automatically begin recording your current location. After you have completed the trip, press the "End Trip" button and fill out that trip's corresponding trip information. The "Trips" tab allows you to view and edit all of your previously recorded trips. From here, you can view the routes of your existing trips, edit each trip's information, and submit the trip and route information to our online databases. After submitting a trip's information, a checkmark will appear next to that trip's name in the records table.

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Source Code: TravelSurvey

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