IMKD - Smartphone Household Travel Survey
Smartphone-based Household Travel Survey

The Information Management and Knowledge Discovery Laboratory (IMKD) is working on the Smartphone-based Household Travel Survey. A National Household Travel Survey is generally conducted under the U.S. Department of Transportation, and it is a periodic survey to assist the transportation planners and policy makers who need comprehensive data on transportation patterns. Some other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, have conducted several household travel surveys (HTS) and research in this field. The traditional methods to collect survey data are paper-pencil, computer assistance and GPS, which are unsatisfactory in data precision, costly in time, and intensive in labor. Due to the advancement of mobile app development environment, it is feasible to obtain all the HTS data by a smartphone application. Most existing travel survey apps can only collect a small portion of the data, such as time, date, trip purpose and very basic individual information. Thus, we develop an iOS app, TravelSurvey, to collect the entire HTS data. This app is currently available in the App Store. Through our research, we attempt to improve the accuracy of data collection and evaluate whether the smartphone-based method is feasible for HTS data collection. We are recruiting voluntary participants to join the smartphone-based household travel survey.


All of the data from the survey is to be used for research only. Only the researchers in this study can access the survey data information.


If you make survey trips, complete and submit your questions before the deadline,the survey data quality is reasonable, and join a semi-structured interview, you have a chance to receive a $15 reward. Please make sure your contact information in the registration is valid. We express our sincere appreciation to your participation, and your contributions are invaluable.